The world inside my house #3 - coins and banknotes

I have been writing about the souvenirs i have in my house from my family travels. Day by day the collection increases and after a trip i start saving right away for the next one :D! I was recently 5 days in Madeira island and it was such an amazing trip, i can't wait to tell you about it. 
If you are curious about the other posts i wrote you can read the first post here mainly about souvenirs and the second one here, regarding coins and notes from Europe. 

Coins and note from Maldives, Jordan and Ecuador

Today i want to share with you the latest coins and notes recently added to my collection. 

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Perhaps i should explain how i have a banknote from Maldives. No, i haven't been there, unfortunately. I have been a tour guide in Lisbon from time to time and i received a message from an indian turist that lives in Maldives and that is how i got this banknote! I learned a lot with him, his job allows him to travel the all world and the thing i love most about being a tour guide is that people have so much to teach you if you are willing to hear. 

Currency: Maldivian rufiyaa

5 rufiyaa

5 rufiyaa

Flag of Jordan.svg

I got this coins and banknotes from a tourist from Jordan. He is a director/producer in his country, how cool is that?

Flag of Ecuador.svg

I received this coin on my 23th birthday. Muchas gracias Carla =D

Filipa Figueira

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