Belgrade diaries - Kalamegdan fortress

Belgrade Fortress is one of the world's oldest and most unique fortress.  

Although today the fortress is a favorite tourist spot, it was once a place of bloody encounters and wars, since every great historical European force has fortified the fortress at least once. 

History says that more than six million people died while fighting for supremacy over the fortress. Belgrade Fortress was a subject of dispute throughout history - it intimidated both attackers and defenders and it was constantly changed, strengthened and even demolished. Luckily never down to the ground, so we can now enjoy this old fortification fully. 

Among the most important historical sights are Nebojša Tower and the remains of the Metropolitan Palace in the Lower Town, as well as the Roman Well, Stambol, Zindan and Sahat gates and many others in the Upper Town.

Filipa Figueira

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