The magic of Novi Sad I - Cathedral

There is a striking thing about Novi Sad, it has the energy that makes you always want to revisit! 

The surroundings of the city core marked with barroque, neo-Renaissance, classicistic and Bauhaus buildings. 

Here you can see the Roman Catholic Parish Church of the name of Mary that became a constant cathedral in 1894. 

With a Neo-Gothic style according to the project of György Molnar in the period from 1893 to 1895. 

The church was built as a three-nave basilica with the tower that is 73 m high, which makes it the highest church in the city.

Inside the Cathedral 

There are four altars in the church and the main one is decorated by carved wood from Tyrol. The windows are decorated with vitrages made in Pest and presenting the Bible topics and coats of arms of the Novi Sad Catholic families. The church organs date back to 1885. 

Filipa Figueira

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