Belgrade diaries - Avala Tower

Avala tower: getting away from the buzz of the city 

Sunday morning 9 am, my alarm clock rings. I hit snooze and after 10 min i get up with no trouble because i had planned a day with a lot to see outside Belgrade! I wake up my flatmates 2 or 3 times (eh eh eh true story :b) and after waiting a while for everybody to be ready (when you live with 8 people that's what happens) we left the house excited to discover new things! 

From Banjica we get in the bus number 400 and in 25 minutes we got there! "Avala" was the name of the station were we left and while i was still in the bus i asked a boy from China if he was going there too. I found out that he had planned to go to Avala tower with friends from Lebanon, Cyprus, Spain and Russia that were in the bus with him. They join us and after introducing ouserlves we started walking to the top! 

With such great company we reached the top easily talking about Serbia, Belgrade and our own countries.

I usually say that life happens when you go outside, to the world! Nothing will happen if you stay at home doing nothing! You have to get out and walk in a diferent street, talk to a different person and then life just happens.

I really liked this walk around nature before reaching Avala tower! Here are some photos. 

Avala tower 

Since we were a big group (my flatmates and our new friends from all over the world) we had a group discount and we payed 100 dinars each. Curious to get to the top of the tower we waited no more and entered the lift! In a few minutes we were seeing Belgrade and I even saw the temple of Saint Sava (you can read more about temple and church of Saint Sava here

Avala tower has 204 m and is a telecommunication and observation tower located on Avala mountain

The original tower was finished in 1965, but was destroyed by the NATO bombardment of Serbia on 29 April 1999 The tower was one of the last buildings to be destroyed before the end of the NATO operation. A special bomb was used to destroy the tower. The blast was one of the loudest explosions heard throughout Belgrade during the bombings.

In 2006, the reconstruction of Avala Tower started and the tower was officially opened at a ceremony on 21 April 2010It is currently the tallest tower in the Balkan region.

View from the top 

Monument to the unkown hero

This memorial was built in 1934-1938 on the place where an unknown Serbian World War I soldier was buried. 

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