World food - Turkey

This planet of ours has some mind-blowing flavours and surprises that we must try! 

A few days ago i decided to taste a litle bit of Turkey! Good food, good company and i was having trouble leaving the restaurant ah ah ah :p 

Turkish food looks good on the plate but will explode in your mouth with a lot of tasty flavours. You will ask for more in the end of the meal. 

Tavuk Şiş

I started eating lahmacun as an appetizer. You will probably known lahmacun as turkish pizza. 

An then I tried an urfa kebapNamed after the city of Urfa, 'Urfa' kebab has a mild flavor seasoned with onions, garlic, cumin, oregano and sweet paprika kneaded into the meat. It cooks up tender and juicy letting the flavor of the meat shine through.
Urfa Kebap 
Şanlıurfa skyline.jpg


After this delicious food i was waiting for the for dessert of course! I couldn't leave the restaurant without trying baklava! This one had some pistachios and we ate it with some black tea. 

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