10 must see places in Novi Sad

I was really excited to go to Novi Sad. I was told that this small city would take my breathe away! And guess what? It did! Find out why in this post :p 

City Hall (Magistrate)

In Liberty Square you will find the city hall, a monumental neo-Renaissance building that was built in 1895. 

On the top of the tower, there used to be a bell serving as a fire alarm. It was called Matilda by the citizens of Novi Sad and was melted during the war but it has not been forgotten.

Svetozar Miletic Monument 

Svetozar Miletic was the most significant serbian politician in the 19th century
During the WWII the statue was removed from the Liberty square in order not to be damaged or destroyed. After the war ended, it was moved back to the place where is stands still. 

Roman Catholic Parish Church of the Name of Mary

This is the highest church in Novi Sad witth a 73 m tower and in my opinion also the prettiest one! It was built in neo-Gothic style in the period from 1893 to 1895. You can read more about it and see more photos here

The palace of the Episcopacy of the serbian orthodox church

You can find this palace at the crossroads of Zmaj Jovina and Dunavska Street. It is a remarkable and representative building in eclectic style, the mixture of Romanticism and Secession. 

Serbian orthodox church of the saint george

After visiting the Bishop's palace you should come to this orthodox cathedral. 
I almost walked by without visiting this church but i came back and went inside! 
This is a one-nave building with a triple altar apse (third picture) and with a tall Neo- Baroque belfry on the west. 

Novosadska synagogue 

Novosadska synagogue was built by Lipot Baumhorn, an architect from Budapest known as a man who designed a large number of synagogues. He designed more than 20 synagogues around central Europe (in Zrenjanin - Serbia, Novi Sad, Szeged - Hungary, Budapest and Rijeka - Croatia). 

Lipot Baumhorn
I searched about Szeged synagogue. What do you thing about it's interior? Amazing isn't it? 

In Novi Sad, before the synagogue, he had built the Menrat's Palace and the Savings bank at the Liberty Square. 
Menrat's Palace 

However, he will be remembered as a builder of a monumental complex dominated by the synagogue, one of the biggest in this part of Europe. It is a three nave building with a central dome 40 m high. 

The reformist christian church

The reformist christian church it's built in Neo-Gothic Style with some elements of classicism according to the project of Imre Manjuki. 

Nikolajevska Church

This is the oldest church in Novi Sad with a belfry and a dome upon the central nave standing out. 
Curious fact: In 1913, the children of Albert and Mileva Maric Einstein (she was born in Novi Sad) were baptized in this church. 

Matica srpska

Matica srpska is the oldest and most reputable cultural and scientific institution among the Serbs! The founders of this institution gathered around the idea to preserve Serbian culture and tradition, present it to other nations in Europe and raise a general cultural level of the Serbian people. 

Dunavska street

The Dunaska street is ine of the oldest streets in Novi Sad that connects the bank of the river Danube and Zmaj Jovina Street. The current appearance of the street is the result of restoration that started by the middle of the 19th century after the destruction during the Rebellion from 1849. 
You can chill out here and take several photographs like i did :p

Dunavski park

A perfect way to end the way is to go to Dunavski park. 

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  1. Amazing photos! Looks really beautiful. :-)

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    Lucie www.inbluebox.com

  2. What beautiful churches and cathedrals! The synagogue especially struck me as being ornate and architecturally unique! Novi Sad would probably take my breath away too!