The world inside my house II - coins and notes

Travelling gives us a lot of memories, adventures, new perspectives, challenges and most of all a lot to think about! After i go somewhere i read more about the places i've been so that i can know more about it's history

“You have to know the past to understand the present.” Dr. Carl Sagan

I am definitely a world citizen! :D 
My bedroom walls are full of postcards from different cities and my bookshelf has several souvenirs. Day by day, better year by year the collection increases. I hope one day i will have souvenirs from each continent. 

Today i want to show you a litle bit of the world that is in my bedroom. This Summer i brought home a litle bit of Serbia, Turkey and Tunisia and my brother brought me coins from Czech Republic and Poland

Serbia, Poland, Turkey, Tunisia and Czech Republic 

Republic of Serbia 

Currency: serbian dinar 
This Summer i was in Serbia for 6 weeks doing a volunteer internship and i brought home this coins and notes. 
20 RSD coin:  temple of Saint Sava (see it here
2 RSD:  Gračanica monastery (located in Kosovo)

5RSD: Krušedol Monastery
1RSD: National bank of Serbia 
100 RSD: Nikola Tesla (i did not bring one =() 

Czech Republic 

Currency: Czech koruna (since 1993)
Obrigada Diogo! :b 


Currency : Złoty

Currency: turkish lira 
Thank you Burcu *.*

Currency: Tunisian dinar

currency: reais (official since 1994)  

Cruzeiros (before "reais") 

United Kingdom 

currency: Great Britain Pound 

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  1. Eu, até agora, só viajei para países que aderiram ao Euro. Contudo, também tenho algumas moedas de alguns cantos do mundo, muitas delas "herdadas" pelo meu avô paterno :) Tens aqui uma bela coleção!